Our Mission

We are a women- led company based out of Calgary, Alberta that educates children and youth about food, nutrition and mental health within their school environment. FoodImpact focuses on a collaborative, hands-on approach to education. We have educated, on average, 15,000 students per year in over 400 schools across Alberta since our program embraces the Alberta Education Health and Wellness curriculum learning outcomes so that students can connect our program with their current school curriculum and create real-life meaningful connections outside of school.

We live and breathe our mission. Education is key.

Enriching youth with a welcoming experience to nutrition and food education in efforts to cultivate a culture of joyful food experiences, healthy habits, cultural curiosity and balanced mental health.

Our Objectives


Enhance child
relationship with food


Educate about food, nutrition,
mental wellness and agriculture


Empower local partnerships
for sustainable local food


Develop critical thinking
for healthier food choices


Promote mental wellness
with food and community